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belmontmedina adds an interesting spin to Harvey Wallbanger Cake, which is apparently everyone’s grandparent’s favorite dessert recipe:

This is my grandfather’s signature cake- he makes it every year for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. However, I have to say- try and hunt down orange cake mix- it makes it even better.

– You guys came through with plenty of Easy Drinkin’ recipes of your own. We’re partial to this recipe from Adam:

Redneck punch

Six pack of crappy, American light beer. Coors or Bud are my preferred brands.
1 can of frozen, concentrated lime aid.
1 pint of vodka

Mix and serve.

Delicious, refreshing, and bound to get you drunk quickly.

–  We got some good guesses as to what the eff this uni-tasker is. Amelia of Gradually Greener:

It looks like it would be used to scoop something that was very viscous, like gelato. Or lard! Something where using a regular scoop would fail to un-stick the scooped portion from what was around it.


I think it looks like the tool used to take the bone out of prosciutto… nowadays it is done with a long, curved tool with a knife-like handle, but I think I remember something like that from my grandpa’s toolbox…


It’s hard to tell what it could be used for without any reference to show how big it is. Nonetheless, I’m going to guess “brain scoop.” Mmm, brains….

(Photo: Obviously we couldn’t pass up cupcakequeen’s Harvey Wallbanger, orange cake mix cupcakes)

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  • LC July 20, 2009  

    I love how it looks like the bottle of Galliano is passed out in that photo.

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