Making Peace With Cupcakes


Dear Cupcakes,

Yes, I’ve said some mean things about you in the past, but how can I stay mad at you when I see something like this?  Sesame Street makes everything better.  Bonus points for adorable use of the cookies.


Found at The Coventry Deli in Philadelphia.

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  • Harmony July 7, 2009  

    Those are adorable. I may have to use the elmo idea for a birthday party.

  • John Barrie July 8, 2009  

    Those are indeed cute, but I don’t know that I’d want to eat one just because it’s not immediately evident what flavor my mouth would recieve, unless of course I made them. If the kids ever see this though, that might happen.

  • Alex July 8, 2009  

    omg I love these. Not a big cupcake fan as a rule either, but these are so adorable. How did they shape them like that on top though? Is that just a huge mound of frosting?

    Because then, adorable or not, they’re kind of gross.

  • Harmony July 8, 2009  

    I wonder if it’s a second cupcake inverted on the top and then frosted? I think I can see some peeks of chocolate cupcake peeking out on the front cookie monster one, especially around the cookie shoved in it’s mouth.

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