Hott Link: Best of the Worst


If you’re a food blogger or just general online foodieholic, then you probably have stumbled upon popular user-generated food porn galleries TasteSpotting, foodgawker, and Photograzing. Foodie shutterbugs submit their best pics to these sites, and readers spend hours drooling over the extensive edible bounty.

But while we like a good glamor shot now and then, you know we’re actually much more interested in the food disasters. Which is why we’re glad to hear someone has started TasteStopping: a site where you can re-submit your photos deemed not worthy of being featured on the big three food gallery sites. Foodgawker says your fruit porn is poorly lit? TasteSpotting not hungry for your dinner disaster? Just re-submit them to TasteStopping, a gallery of under-appreciated dishes.

Pictured above: Greedy Gourmand’s French Toast with Bacon and Maple Syrup. TasteSpotting says: unflattering composition. not sharp. Foodgawker: low lighting and/or underexposed. ES says: we still wanna eat it. And remember, always send your foodie fuck-Up stories this a-way.

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  • erica July 6, 2009  

    i thought it was tofu, and still wanted to eat it 🙂

  • Aimee July 6, 2009  

    Yup. It’s all good, really. Low light, low shmite, pass the salt.

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