Artsy Photo of the Day


It’s really alive! You may or may not remember the previous artsy photo that depicted our fledgling basil.  Well, now it’s been about 4 weeks, and things seem to be going reasonably well.  I have no idea how long this is supposed to take to transform into mature basil plants, but I assume nature works deliberately.

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  • NeeNee June 18, 2009  

    Grow a pot of mint. It will make you feel like a master gardener.

  • Yvo June 19, 2009  

    It grows pretty quickly in my experience. And I don’t know why people say it doesn’t/won’t grow through the winter because my plant from last year is still in my windowsill, still giving me basil (I have never stripped it 100% completely, maybe that’s why?). That windowsill isn’t even particularly sunny.

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