Last Supper: ES Staff Picks


We asked what you’d pick as your last meal on earth, so we figure fair is fair, we might as well share our own. Think you can do better? Send your funniest/best/most salivating last supper menu to, and you’ll be in the running for  the biggest Top Chef prize pack ever.

80 proof: Start the meal off with a nice plate of twelve mozzarella sticks.  Then move on to a large pepperoni pizza, a 2-liter regular coke, and a side order of Bojangles chicken supreme combo (chicken strips, fries, tea).

BS:  A buttered filet mignon, an entire box of wheat thins, and vanilla ice cream with perfectly juicy strawberries. Bacon is used as a palate cleanser in between every course.

Liza: Chicken fried steak with cream gravy, macaroni and cheese, fried okra, mashed potatoes with cream gravy, and chocolate ice cream. And a delicious Pilsner!  And for an appetizer (as if I didn’t put enough food down), my mom’s grilled cheese and tomato soup 🙂

TVFF:  I’d have to go Italian.  A nice cold spread with great cheese, olives and vegetables. Main course would be authentic spaghetti carbonara made with guanciale and a side of sauteed broccoli rabe with plenty of garlic and red pepper. For desert, a Philly-style cherry water ice.

Bliz: Ribeye steak rubbed with lemon pepper seasoning, marinated in Dale’s sauce for 20 minutes.  Grilled medium rare over hardwood with creamy mashed potatoes and green bean casserole as sides and a big glass of ice cold milk.  For desert a box of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. Oh and for app, perfectly fried chicken wings tossed in a in a hot sauce with ranch on the side.

ML: A plate of french cheese, a crusty baguette, and a huge cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

C. Christy Concrete: Tuna salad sammich on whole wheat, bread and butter pickles, and a Mexican Coke. On a beach. With fritos.

Maids: It would have to be a broccoli dish…. yep, broccolini perfectly cooked drenched in a Thai ginger and garlic peanut curry sauce on top of sticky brown rice.  For dessert, an apple crumble topped with brown sugar and (fuck it, it’s my last meal, I don’t care if I get terrible stomach cramps as a result) two large balls of cinnamon-flavored ice cream from the Grand Ole Creamery in Saint Paul MN. Mmmmm….Oh I forgot the app! I would have a plate of KaYannThee gyaw (eggplant fritters) with the spicy red dipping sauce from Mandalay Burmese Restaurant in Silver Spring. Oh, and I think I’ll have a mango lassi.

Allyson: Appetizer: Goat cheese marinated in lavender honey spread on baguette, accompanied by a glass of pinot grigio. Entree: My mom’s spaghetti and meatballs. (Yes, I’d be breaking vegetarian for this, but hey, it’s my last night on Earth!) accompanied by a glass of shiraz. Dessert: Amy’s* sweet cream ice cream with ginger snaps, followed by a pot of earl grey rooibos tea.

*Austin’s local answer to Cold Stone, and a million times better

Britannia: I’d go with some butter drenched sea bass, nothing added to it, just simple.  Guac would also have to be in there somewhere, spicy.  Served with chilled Champagne.

gansie: Steak frites with bearnaise sauce.

Chime in to win Top Chef: The Cookbook, Top Chef The Computer Game, and Top Chef: The Cutlery Set.

(Photo: Inside Sugab’s Brain)

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  • Peter Justason June 15, 2009  

    When is the deadline for the contest?

  • BS June 15, 2009  

    Thursday, June 18

  • belmontmedina June 16, 2009  

    80, you forgot the best part! DIRTY RICE.

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  • Michael Birchenall June 17, 2009  

    Gansie … I’m with you … I remember seeing Julia make Bearnaise on her show in the 70s and tasting the real deal from a French chef in my 2nd kitchen job around the same time … I can’t recreate that euphoria/that virgin experience with anything else … yes, make sure I have an extra side of Bearnaise … and any Bordeaux in the $1000 range will do … I mean it is my last supper.

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