I Want to Be a Caterer When I Grow Up


It’s that time again.

I’ve recently persuaded DAD GANSIE that it will be perfectly possible for the family to prepare all the food for my sister’s college graduation party. For my brother’s party a few years back we ordered a large deli platter (cold cuts, hoagie rolls, potato salad…) and I made a few appetizers, including this gem that I really need to start producing again. But that was when my food obsession was still young. I hadn’t landed any catering gigs at that point.

So now that we’re ditching the processed meat, I need to figure out what to feed our friends and family.

Initial thoughts:

Chicken/veggie fajitas (I love the idea of do-it-yourself)
Baked pasta dish (family style also works well in this situation)
Kebabs (everything’s better on a stick)

Of course I’d also be making dips and other hors d’oeuvres. And I think DAD GANSIE will be on desserts (combo of buying/baking himself). Also, we’d like to be able to make as much in advance as possible.

This is just the beginning, folks. I’m not wed to any of these and I’m looking for something fun, easy, and that suburban New Jerseyans (no, I will not link the word to that horrid show that I refuse to watch) would enjoy. We’re thinking 50 people, which does not include the drunks that require a second meal close to midnight.

Let the games begin.

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  • Britannia June 15, 2009  

    A big pot of curry or a casserole, easily prepared ahead of time and tastes better as the night progresses.

    Curry and drunk people– perfect combination.

  • gansie June 15, 2009  

    hmm, not sure if this is a curry crowd. think suburban!

    and wow, my sister is hating that picture. sorry sherry – you should have smiled!

  • Maids June 15, 2009  

    how about mountains of arugula pesto on rotini, and garlic and olive bruschetta on oversized hoagie french bread, chickpea mash with scallions in mini pita pockets for apps

  • dad gansie June 15, 2009  

    sister gansie did smile in many others, especially when we went to the Williamsport brew pub and she got a seven glass sampler

    thanks B & M some nice ideas

    keep’em coming es’ers

  • scott June 15, 2009  

    Gans you’re spot on with the Fajita. It’s easy to please veg and meat eaters at the same time, you can feed an army, and think of all the fun sides. 50 avocado guac anyone?

  • Deborah Smith June 15, 2009  

    How about pulled pork sliders, 3 bean casserole, corn and black bean salad. Hmmm, what else. Good homemade coleslaw to go with those sliders. Yum. Have fun.

  • JoeHoya June 15, 2009  

    My suburban Jersey family gatherings have always included Italian-style potato salad. Potatoes, hardboiled eggs, cucumbers, some finely grated garlic and tomatoes tossed in olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano.

    A very easy recipe and a good one for making ahead of time – it lasts at least a few days in the fridge. No mayo either, so it won’t go bad on a hot day.

  • BS June 16, 2009  

    nice new pic, sherry!

  • Maids June 16, 2009  

    FYI I thought the first pic was adorable.

  • erica June 16, 2009  

    i had a similar face in my college grad pic, jut moments before I told me dad to f*ck himself. good times.

  • Melissa June 16, 2009  

    Here are some ideas people gave me: super southern: ham on homemade biscuits, cheese straws, collards, gumbo, etoufee or jambalaya, bourbon drinks, etc.

    Another is. . . gaspacho and paella that you can go crazy with shellfish or not depending on your crowd. . .

    I ended up doing mexican: carnitas tacos, flank steak fajitas, two salsas, guac, pickled peppers, red onions, slaw, etc.

  • Jeb June 16, 2009  

    Buffalo chicken dip (includes blue cheese, chicken, cheddar and buffalo sauce), dip in homemade tortilla chips or just some french bread (or tostitos).

    Grilled BBQ or buffalo chicken wings.

  • ML June 17, 2009  

    I encouraged mom ML to post here; she really is a master at parties avec the drunk midnight meal…but it looks like she staying quiet. Hmm

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