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Maids seconded Brit and Deej’s thoughts on LA restaurant Bazaar:

As a rule modern cooks should refrain from creating membrane pockets. Membranes are usually unpleasant textures when we are confronted by them in the natural world and even more so when they are man-made vehicles for familiar tastes. Those olive juice membrane pockets sound disgusting, and I love olives.

But JoeHoya defends the ‘branes:

I’m a big fan of the olive oil spheres – I don’t remember the membrane being especially noticeable once it bursts, and the texture wasn’t as offputting as Maids assumes it might be at first.

Summer is not feeling the new Padma Lakshmi:

After watching Top Chef Masters last night, I’m of the opinion that Kelly Choi is an inoffensive substitute for Padma… except she is too damn skinny. They’re both models, and Padma is slender, but Kelly is so thin I have trouble believing that she is even capable of eating. Just where in that torso is there room for a large intestine?

– Finally, reaching back to Bliz’ pork porn, We Are Never Full shares a sentiment Spike and Andrew would be proud of:

is it wrong to say that i have a boner? is it even more wrong to say that i’m a girl? kidding… kidding. but this is almost gross enough to turn a hard-core pig-eater into a vegan. i said ALMOST gross enough. what a post.

Thanks for playing, kids – see ya next week!

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