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DaFlake is not down with the lastest item from Taco Bell:

The flaming red taco shell of the Volcano Taco scares me – not cuz of the taste, but cuz of the FLAMING REDNESS. How much Red dye #’s 5 & 7 are in that sucka’?

Ruby-doo is similarly unimpressed with Bobby Flay:

I still refuse to believe that he is not an asshat. mainly because i like saying that word, and it fits him so well.

Who says ES-ers have no moderation? 49 percent of you are buying the latest scientific egg news, and going with the three-a-week theory. But Michael isn’t buying it:

Eggs are delicious, and I’m prone to be very skeptical about any research telling me not to eat anything that’s been a staple of the human diet for, basically, ever.

Speaking of our favorite food, we’re still getting updates on 100-plus ways to cook eggs. This week, SydneyCider adds on her very cool-looking Dukkah Eggs.

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  • C. Christy Concrete June 5, 2009  

    Re: Volcano Taco: Seriously, right? What is it, a red velvet taco or something?

    Wait, that sounds kind of good…

  • ruby-doo June 5, 2009  

    red velvet taco.. that’s exactly what i was thinking. plz to get out of my brain!

  • Harmony June 5, 2009  

    As far as I’m concerned, the shade of red used for those taco shells is the exact same red as a stop sign for good reason. Stop. Put it down, and don’t eat it.

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