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This little piggie went to the market… and he never, ever came back again.

More shots for non-vegans after the j…


This little piggie was beside himself with excitement at Cochon 555 ’09


Favorite quote, overheard at Cochon 555 ’09: “Faint of heart be damned, I’m starving!”

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  • BS June 4, 2009  

    I’m embarrassed to admit I’m actually a little grossed out.That can’t really be where bacon comes from…can it?

  • gansie June 4, 2009  

    what’s that homer simpson quote about bacon, sausage, ham or whatever and how it couldnt possibly all come from the same place?

  • 80 Proof June 4, 2009  

    Come on Gansie, we all know this one:

    Homer: Are you saying you’re never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
    Lisa: No.
    Homer: Ham?
    Lisa: No.
    Homer: Pork chops?
    Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal.
    Homer: Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.

  • Very Very Good Girl June 4, 2009  

    I thought I was a little grossed out, but turns out that didn’t happen until I scrolled through the Cochon555 Napa pictures where I found a way less ‘cute’ pig head. My senses were luckily distracted by an awesome image of someone cleaning a 3-ft squid. Disaster averted just in time for dinner!! I do wonder if I would be veg-only if I had to witness or do any of this myself to eat meat.

  • Bliz June 4, 2009  

    You know, I think the older I get, the wiser Homer becomes:

    Homer: I’ll have the smiley face breakfast special. Uhh, but could you add a bacon nose? Plus bacon hair, bacon mustache, five o’clock shadow made of bacon bits and a bacon body.
    Waitress: How about I just shove a pig down your throat?
    (Homer looks excited)
    Waitress: I was kidding.

  • Sara June 4, 2009  

    Yes, this was a evening of ridiculousness. You gotta love walking into a room and seeing a pig butthole right smack front and center.

  • Nick June 5, 2009  

    How did we not hang out?! I was like… right there.

  • C. Christy Concrete June 5, 2009  

    That’s both disgusting and fascinating, like a car wreck.

    Seeing pigs like this can freak some people out because pigs are almost identical to humans when it comes to their internal body structure. Medical students used to practice on pig carcasses back in the day.

  • Bliz June 5, 2009  

    @ Nick, yeah I’m really not sure, we were chatting plenty of kids up throughout the event, but I was really surprised to not bump into a food blogger or two. Or it could be that I was geeking out with my camera too much.

    @ C.C.C, yes, a glorious, delicious car wreck

  • Alex June 5, 2009  

    Having personally dissected a human, I will reassure everyone that you do not look like bacon on the inside.

  • erica June 8, 2009  

    i just have to say, making cat food is WAY grosser looking!

  • we are never full June 8, 2009  

    is it wrong to say that i have a boner? is it even more wrong to say that i’m a girl?

    kidding… kidding. but this is almost gross enough to turn a hard-core pig-eater into a vegan. i said ALMOST gross enough. what a post.

  • Bliz June 12, 2009  

    There is actually a lot more where that came from, but fans of Charlotte’s Web or Babe beware:

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