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– Have you entered the ES/Food Network grilling challenge yet? What are you waiting for? Get your crazy grill tales in now and win a sweet summer grill set.

– Most ESers agree — the President should pardon spicy mustard-lovers. Westcoast: I love mustard. All types, shades, countries of origin — I love it. This Hannity thing is almost as dumb as saying that the reason your titties are all over the Internet is because it was windy and the photos were taken in between the shots you knew were happening.

But Harmony is unconvinced: Dijon or neon yellow, neither do it for me really. I like the hearty, thick brown mustards that have lots of spices.

And NeeNe knows what’s really important:  Subway gives you the option of either yellow or spicy mustard. WWJD? What would Jared do?

As long as we’re OD-ing on mustard, over at Macheesmo, Nick (of homemade ketchup fame) is now making his own homemade mustard. Now that’s patriotic.

– Finally, a huge thank you to all ya’ll who came through big-time to help out with my vegetarian cooking dilemma. After the jump, check out what I ended up making:

(You’ll have to forgive the subpar photos, but after all that hype, I kinda had to make sure veggie gf got her bday dinner served hot, so posing-for-photos time was kept to a minimum.)


First Course: Asparagus soup (served hot). Used this Epicurious recipe (thanks, NeeNee, and thanks gansie/JoeHoya for putting it in my head.) It actually looked cooler and greener than in this flash-y pic, and it was really flavorful. The veggie gf even compared it to the legendary redolent pea soup at Momofuku ko. High praise! My only problem was that all I had to puree with was a blender and it didn’t quite do the job. There were a bunch of annoying little strands left at the bottom — I think with an immersion blender it’d be perfect.


Second Course: Potato-arugula gnocchi with scallops, sundried tomatoes, white wax beans, and fiddlehead ferns (a New England specialty). Oh yeah, sorry if I didn’t tell anyone she’ll do seafood once in a while. Bliz has a great gnocchi tutorial over on A Moveable Feast, and it worked well with some slightly boiled, sliced arugula thrown in the dough. Unfortunately, Alex only had whole wheat flour in the house, so these came out kinda ugly and not at all light and pillowy, but they were still tasty with all the bonus flavor around them. I should report that fiddlehead ferns taste a lot blander than they look. Still, couldn’t pass them up.


Third Course: Gwyneth’s goopy molten chocolate cakes (thanks, VVGG), served with Ciao Bella espresso gelato and fresh strawberries. Delicious — and easy enough for baking-phobes.

(Top Photo: Subway)

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  • Maids May 15, 2009  

    my heart jumped for a second when i saw the fiddleheads… I thought they were stuffed pattypan squash tops. Very pretty.

  • TVFF May 15, 2009  

    Good job, big guy. I hope this spread was able to score you some sweet veggie lovin’.

  • NeeNee May 15, 2009  

    Yes! The immersion blender is the way to go.

  • Harmony May 16, 2009  

    An immersion blender is totally the way to go! I got one for christmas and I simply love it. Made homemade aioli for the first time just this week with mine.

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