It’s On

Now, I know ES is like a big family or whatever and we all share the spotlight equally and we all get along because we have the greater good in mind – food obsession. But, you know what, BS:


Don’t think you can “write” a post with a ton of pictures of eggs and think you’ve become the reigning monarch of the land of eggs. Or something like that.

Well, this is what I’m been up to. And, TVFF, I’m not done with you either.


Cream cheese, wilted arugula, lox, sunny side up egg on my friend Hickey’s dad’s awesome homemade bread. It was baked with some craziness like molasses and oats.


Sautee garlic and two stalks of asparagus, add in a mixture of two eggs, Dijon mustard, diced swiss cheese, chives, salt and pepper. Gently swirl everything together in a cast iron and let it set in the oven. Bring to work for tomorrow’s lunch. That’s right, my hotplate spells hot.


I’ve mentioned these hyper-seasonal gems before – ramp scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes and cream cheese and lox on market spelt bread. And I made all of this (with the help of ES friend westcoast) hung over.

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