Our Love/Hate Relationship with the French


I just felt the need to balance out all the Dijon mustard love with a little Franco-phobia. While we look down on the French for insisting on fancy mustard, the French have plenty of reasons to look down on us, but first and foremost is: “Because you buy croutons.”

Well, not me. Leftover bread…cubed…olive oil…ten minutes in the toaster oven.  Suck it, Froggy.

*Sigh*  French food, you know I can’t stay mad when you show up at my door with cassoulet.

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  • BS May 12, 2009  

    god I never do this and I really should. Do you ever add garlic or herbs to them? I feel like if I’m going to be un-lazy enough to make croutons, I might as well make them extra-special, right?

  • tvff May 12, 2009  

    Yeah, but I would just rub them with a cut piece of garlic. Don’t mince it and put it in, as you’re more likely to end up with burnt garlic.

    On second thought, if you wanted a more intense garlic flavor, you could steep some sliced garlic in the oil, maybe over low heat.

  • gansie May 12, 2009  

    i always toss the cubes around in herbs de provence

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