Pardon Us, Mr. President

pardon us for our good taste

Some of you are probably Obama-burgered out.  But we had to report on this new tidbit on Dijon-gate.  You know how Sean Hannity totally dissed the Prez’s codiment choice last week, implying the decision to put grey poupon on a burger was as commie/unAmerican as Nikita Khruschev?

Well watch out Hannity, Kraft foods totally has the Prez’s back!  TOTALLY! They’ve issued the following press release that we just had to feature for the delight or disgust of ESers everywhere:

May 8, 2009

The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Dear Mr. President:

We applaud you, Mr. President, for exercising your freedom of taste when recently ordering a burger with Dijon mustard. We’re always happy to see people use Dijon mustard to add flair and flavor to their favorite foods. The right to choose condiments freely is quintessentially American and embodies the spirit of our democracy.

So we urge you to respond to “Dijon-gate” by issuing a “pardon” to any American who has ever been criticized for putting a liberal spread of Dijon mustard on a burger or a conservative dollop on a ham & cheese sandwich. These “Pardon Me for Loving Dijon” proclamations will empower the millions of Dijon mustard-loving Americans to ask for their favorite condiment with pride.

Respectfully yours,


Pic: Grey Poupon Pardon

Let’s put it to the people:  Is yellow mustard more inherently American than Grey Poupon? Discuss!

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  • TVFF May 11, 2009  

    I do want to state for the record that Grey Poupon is better as a dip for your fries than as a condiment on your burger.

    Of course, if he can figure out a way to institute universal health care, the man can put whatever he wants on it.

  • gansie May 11, 2009  

    do you not put mustard on your burger?
    i need an explanation. but ditto on the grey poupon on the fries (and potato chips)

  • miked. May 12, 2009  

    french’s is totally more american. obviously, but I prefer to call it freedom’s mustard.

  • TVFF May 12, 2009  

    @gansie: I really only put mustard on my burger if I’ve also put ketchup on it. So: Ketchup solo = OK, Ketchup and Mustard = OK, Mustard solo = not so much.

    I do love me some Horsey Sauce on a burger, though.

  • Maids May 12, 2009  

    I actually like French’s mixed with catsup on French Fries…. On a veggie burger, I prefer the dijon mustard mixed into the veggie ground along with garlic, caramelized onions and bbq sauce. Grey poupon is really good for salad dressing.

  • Harmony May 12, 2009  

    Dijon or neon yellow, neither do it for me really. I like the hearty, thick brown mustards that have lots of spices. Also, mustard on french fries? Really?

  • BS May 12, 2009  

    @Harmony – I reject your slandering of pesto as a healthy food – it has fatty nuts, oil and cheese in it! pesto may be green, but it is still too delicious to be classified as healthy

  • Maids May 12, 2009  

    @harmony, no mustard on fries for you huh? Try it some time. i agree with you that the german brown coarse-ground mustard is delicious. I didn’t know that Grey Poupon came in all those flavors. Until their presidential pardon plea came out yesterday i was operating under the misapprehension that grey poupon only was available in that deli style (not at all grainy and gritty) as seen above.

  • westcoast May 12, 2009  

    I love mustard. All types, shades, countries of origin — I love it. This Hannity thing is almost as dumb as saying that the reason your titties are all over the internet is because it was windy and the photos were taken in between the shots you knew were happening.

    At any rate — Dijon is also good in soups to add a completely different, unexpected, but amazing dimension to the flavor.

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  • NeeNee May 12, 2009  

    Subway gives you the option of either yellow or spicy mustard. WWJD? What would Jared do?

  • Very Very Good Girl May 13, 2009  

    I think yellow is definitely more American, but definitely not as tasty as Dijon and not as versatile. A favorite of mine is grilled Grannie smith apples, few slices of brie, and Dijon on a burger. Though I haven’t met a mustard I didn’t like.

    TVFF & Gansie I will try your rec for Dijon on fries. I usually eat fries sans ketchup, unless an aoili or jar of mayo is around.

  • Maids May 13, 2009  

    @NeeNee – I love it! Nothing says American like subway. WWJD indeed!

  • BS May 13, 2009  

    @ VVGG – make that outside and it sounds like you’ve got an entry for our grilling contest.

  • Very Very Good Girl May 13, 2009  

    @ BS…. Doh! Should have kept it secret. Would smoking items still qualify for entry (we usually grill first briefly)?!

  • BS May 13, 2009  

    I think if it’s technically been on a grill that counts – right?

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  • Mangecheval May 18, 2009  

    Yellow mustard is absolutely more American. And I mean that in the worst way possible.

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