Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

Charles Thompson seconds our outrage about Barack Obama’s burger order: I’ve been eating rare to medium rare burgers for years and have never gotten sick. I just don’t understand anyone who eats meat cooked in the ‘well’ category. It’s not really meat by that point!

Although the aptly named Michael Cook begs to differ: I’m all for having a steak medium rare, but never for a burger. Most harmful bacteria lives on the outer surface of meat, which for ground meat becomes the inside as well…

But good ol’ Sean Hannity had our favorite response to the eater-in-chief’s burger run: How dare he order socialist mustard!

– Meanwhile, mariah carey is not impressed with Tom Colichhio’s sandwich chain:

Wichcraft (the restaurant) is GARBAGE. I thought it was some awful mall-food court-type place when I went there a few months ago. Not creative and I was definitely underwhelmed by my food. Kind of bold for him to think he should write a cook book based on those menu options but I’m glad you are happy with your own rendition of his recipes!

– Not surprisingly, 59 percent of you love the Hungry Girls and hate the Bitches. erica: I really dislike using weight as a ploy to get people to turn vegan. There are a TON of fat vegans… just because something is plant based does not mean it’s good for you.

– Most of you say buying local, organic eggs is more important than what brand they are.

Tia: I don’t know about omega 3’s, vitamin e, lutein and all that crap either but I do know that the yolks of organic eggs have a more vibrant color and I think they taste better too.

Boyd Logan: I try to buy from local farmers whenever possible. There’s quite a difference, to me, between any store bought egg and eggs that are produced from a small-scale farmer who treats and feeds the chickens right.

Don’t forget to weigh in and tell us how you buy eggs.

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