Toby Young: Jealous of Padma’s Scar?


Do you know what makes for a really disappointing meal?  Concrete.

That’s what our buddy Toby Young discovered when he was part of a car/bicycle collision.  I’ll let you guess which vehicle Toby was occupying in this little get-together. At least they didn’t have to shave his head to put in the stitches.  Get well, brother, and start wearing a helmet…we wouldn’t want you to injure the part of your brain that comes up with snappy put-downs.

Toby’s full Twitterfied run-down of the event after the jump.

  • Got knocked off bike Tuesday night — hospital, stitches, etc. I’m OK, but hopes of becoming male model now dashed from TweetDeck
  • That was a bit messy — my attempt to send Twitpic, not my face. First time I’ve ever done it. from web 
  • @smorgasbord No helmet. I now have fourteen reasons in my forehead as to why that’s a really, really bad idea from TweetDeck in reply to smorgasbord
  • @roper_claire Someone drove into me. I was cycling down Holland Park Avenue and guy pulled out of side street without looking. from TweetDeck in reply to roper_claire

Toby’s Twitter feed is at

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  • BS May 1, 2009  

    agreed re: concrete. It’s pedestrian at best.

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