Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

Some kids will eat anything.

– Wow, turns out mini-sized eaters are a touchy subject! Lemmonex: “Kid food” is bunk. Kids will eat what you put in front of them. Parents need to stop acting like short order cooks and teach them nutrition and healthy eating habits from the get go. Chicken nuggets should be a rare treat, not a thrice weekly occurrence.

Nikki: I was the kid who peeled edamame for snack during recess, while my friends peeled string cheese. Parents perpetrate the “picky eaters.” They condone that bullshit. There was only one option for dinner: eat what I give you. There was no “make yourself a sandwich” option.

Meanwhile, gansie stands up for the McD’s parenting model:

I ate bread and butter at fancy restaurants. my parents used to sneak mcdonalds into chinese restaurants for me. and now i have an adventurous food blogs. so fuck all of you.

westcoast doesn’t get red velvet cake: never understood why red velvet cake needs to be red…it doesn’t taste like anything that is red. It’s like saying that we need a purple cheese fondue.

– And where are all the cilantro haters? A dominant 86 percent of you say fuck yes to the ‘tro.

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