Cholesterol of Champions: Breakfast Pizza


My husband and I make pizza almost every weekend, and as far as we’re concerned, the weirder the better. We’d been thinking for a long time about a breakfast pizza, and finally decided to give it a go, drawing our inspiration from eggs Benedict…

Pizza Hollandaise

First, we made a modified cornbread crust by simply adding ¼ cup of cornmeal to an otherwise traditional pizza dough recipe, which gave us a nice compromise between a pizza crust and a cornbread — more breakfast-y than a regular pizza.

For the sauce, we turned to the hollandaise recipe from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. It didn’t turn out as thick as I wanted, so I just threw in a little flour until I got the texture I was looking for. I’m not sure if the sauce turned out too thin because of a mistake I made, or just because this isn’t the best hollandaise recipe. Either way, adding flour turned out fine for this instance.

We scrambled three eggs, mixing them with milk and then cooking them in olive oil, cut them into chunks, and sprinkled them over the Hollandaise-topped pizza.

Then we sautéed two jalapeño peppers in olive oil and sprinkled those on top of the hollandaise and the eggs. Then, we added even more protein. We use SoyRizo, but omnivores might prefer this with regular chorizo or standard breakfast sausage. I admit that SoyRizo looks gross, but it’s actually tasty, and bakes up quite well. You don’t have to cook it in advance, just squeeze it out of the package onto the pizza in tablespoon-sized chunks.

Finally, we topped the pizza with muenster and smoked provolone, about 5 ounces of each cheese (yes, we do enjoy clogging our arteries).

After layering on all the ingredients, we baked this on a pizza stone at 450 for about 12 or 13 minutes, until everything got super-melty.


All of the flavors worked together perfectly; the cheese was just right, the egg and SoyRizo held their own, and the jalapeño gave just the right kick. As you might imagine, this turned out to be a very heavy breakfast. While I usually eat three or four pieces in a sitting, I was only able to get a slice and a half of this behemoth down.

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