A Holiday for the Rest of Us


Yes, you are stoned. There is absolutely no way that a high fashion model is donning a sunny-side up egg on her dress and a baguette on her head.

Go back to watching 24 hours of Half Baked.

Happy 4/20 y’all.

Pic: WGNtv.com / Via: Very Very Good Girl

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  • Rose April 21, 2009  

    Love it.

  • Alex April 21, 2009  

    BS, weren’t you a fried egg one year for Halloween?

  • BS April 21, 2009  

    that was my older brother! oh man we are gonna have to see if we can dig up some photos.

  • dad gansie April 22, 2009  

    gansie i kown you were jealous you didn’t have one, you love eggs sooo much, we’re sure you dream about them, what tne next new recipe
    will it be on your chanukkah wish list this year??? you’ll be lucky to get a dozen or maybe an 18 pack this one

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