Farewell, Harry

Growing up in South Jersey, both gansie and I are big Phillies fans.  And as happy as we were when the Phightin’s took home the trophy last year, we’re both really saddened by the loss of Harry Kalas, the team’s long-time Hall of Fame announcer who was as beloved as anyone in the city.

Even if you’re not from the Delaware Valley, you’ll likely know Harry the K’s work.  He has long been the voice of NFL films, providing dramatic voice-overs for countless highlight reels.

So when Campbell’s decided to go with pro football stars as part of their advertising campaign for Chunky Soup, who better to serve as the voice of these commercials than Harry?

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  • gansie April 13, 2009  

    at least he saw us through last year as WFC

  • we are never full June 8, 2009  

    ok i love you even more – didn’t realize you were a s. jersey/phillyite. rip HK. it’s already so weird to watch a game w/o his voice.

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