Is Gefilte Fish the New Bacon?


That’s Heeb Magazine’s question, noting the oft-maligned Passover appetizer is having a bit of a foodie moment. Personally, I have to be honest. I never tried this at sedars when I was a kid — why would you eat gooey fish balls when there were fried latkes to be had? — and somehow I have managed to never come across it as an adult. It’s true — I’ve never had gefilte fish. I know, worst half-Jew ever.

Is it really as bad as people say? Or as good as those other people say? Maybe I’ll go out and buy some this Pesach. Or Maybe I’ll just catch a gefilte fish wrestling match:

(Photo: Eszter)

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  • JoeHoya April 9, 2009  

    I don’t care how amazing (or, conversely, how daring/perverse) gefilte fish is…any comparison to bacon is just wrong.

    Bacon is clearly the new bacon.

  • Maids April 9, 2009  

    Gefilte fish was a favorite of mine in my pre-veggie days. My sister on the other hand was a big fan of pickled herring (ugh). I think to truly belong to one of the 12 tribes you have to have eaten either one or the other. Get on it BS (gefilte fish is available in every major grocery store – at least the jarred manischewitz version of the delicacy).

  • gansie April 9, 2009  

    you know what, i don’t hate on the g-fish either. i just try not to think about the fact that i’m eating ground up carp. i also smother it with beet flavored horseradish.

  • Alex April 9, 2009  

    ugh I had the worst gefilte fish last night. I mean, this might be my Mexican side talking, but I never really understood the draw to begin with. And then came the gefilte fish disaster I experienced at seder last night…there were non-Jews present, and I felt ashamed of my culture. Not even horseradish covered the grossness.

    PS @gansie…Seriously? The beet-flavored kind?? Isn’t that illegal at a seder?

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