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– There’s some disagreement on Snickers’ panned pun ads.

EveryGirlsSecret: I hear you. When I saw SNAXI the other day, on top of a cab, i really wanted to die. Really.

In defense of Snickers,  Mike d says: Why you slurpin’ on that Haterade? This is funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBF1lsZUlUI. the master P-nut one, too.

But Nick is aware I was really just trying to start a poor-pun-off: Meh… I don’t know. The “chewniversity” ad made me snicker…

– And everyone’s got their own passions and peeves about the tipping debate:

Belmontmedina: This is probably a result of my waiting tables, but you have to be an unbelievably poor server/bartender for me to tip less than 15%. I figure everyone has a bad/off day- I certainly had a few. Also, I would like to personally shoot with a crossbow any patron that snaps to get the server’s attention. It is rude, demeaning, and you’re asking for someone’s attention, not calling a dog!

Rhonda B is not so forgiving:  I once tipped a waitress a nickel for a table of eight because she was such a bad waitress, was rude to members of our party, lied, got the orders wrong, over-charged us, then was rude about fixing her mistake, and blamed her poor service on the bartender when we could see our drinks sitting on the bar with ice melting! And I have been a waitress several times. Everyone has a bad day but this was “willful misconduct” and she would have been fired if I was in charge. (food service personnel everywhere tremble in fear) Otherwise, I tip according to people’s efforts ’cause you can tell if someone is trying.

And Ria wonders if there’s a gender divide: So far with me being a waitress the only people that have left no tip or a nickle tip have been women! What is up with that?

Is this true, other servers?

– Finally, Yvo reaches back to America’s best ballpark food with an urgent query: I am going to keep coming back to this list as I go through the nation’s ballparks. I am going to Pittsburgh soon. I don’t see anything about Pittsburgh. Anyone, holla?

I’ve heard rumor they have the legendary Primanti Brothers at the Pitt ballpark. Can anyone confirm?

And all you opening day eaters better report back on new stadium food this season!

(Photo: Mets.com)

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  • Yvo April 27, 2009  

    Well, my visit is the end of this week and no one’s helped! I had a food run in that was interesting… so I went to Williamsburg last Saturday and went into Marlow (the butcher shop, not the restaurant) and noticed one of the butchers was wearing a Pirates hat. I had to ask him if he actually liked the Pirates and if he was from Pittsburgh, the answer to both questions was yes. So he wrote me out a whole list of places that I had to eat at in Pittsburgh, which was totally awesome. Yes, I will be reporting back. Of course. (He did say there is a Primanti’s at PNC Park, but that the sandwiches were $10 while outside the park, it’s $4.75 which sounds so off to me, but I forget that $10 sandwiches at places is not the norm for the whole world.)
    Score 🙂

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