• gansie April 3, 2009  

    priceless artifact!

  • BS April 3, 2009  

    what is a tagine? Is it a particular kind of pot or is it a meal? Or is it a meal made in that particular kind of pot. In any case, tell us more about your particular tagine.

  • gansie April 5, 2009  

    basically i bought it as a present for 80 about a year and a half ago and we’ve yet to use it. but it surely takes a nice photo.

  • Maids April 6, 2009  

    Vio should be consulted in re tagine. I’ve read about using them but I’m afraid to use pottery on a stove! Embarrassingly, I make my Moroccan couscous and spice combos in a regular old pan.

  • Maids April 7, 2009  

    If the tagine is named for the spice mecca Tangier, why is it not called a tangine!?!

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