• belmontmedina April 2, 2009  

    toss a little oil on it, into the microwave in a paper bag.

  • Maids April 2, 2009  

    @belmontmedina – but then wouldn’t it pop on the husk? That would just look creepy.

  • 80 Proof April 2, 2009  

    Yeah, forgot to mention. We don’t have a microwave.

  • BS April 2, 2009  

    If you can do it in a microwave, you should be able to do it in an oiled-up, covered pot, right? What is it that distinguishes popcorn kernals from fresh corn kernals anyway?

  • Michael April 2, 2009  

    this artsy picture was corny

  • 80 Proof April 2, 2009  

    There is a kernel of truth in what you say. Nothing but pop art on this site these days. I’ll have to get back to basics, put my ear on the ground, and get some less corny pics.

  • Maids April 2, 2009  

    fresh corn on the cob is immature corn, as I understand it. Corn hardens as it ripens. Popcorn only comes from certain corn varietals, those that explode when heated.

  • chris April 11, 2009  

    not all species of corn is “poppable” so I would determine the species first……

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