“You’re Gonna Love My Nuts!”

Apparently, those Sham-Wow commercials have gone over like gangbusters, because the jackass from those spots has moved on to being a shill for something called the Slap Chop.  I’ve been seeing this type of chopper for a while now, but apparently this one comes apart so that you don’t die from the bacteria or something.  It was a bit unclear.

The really interesting part is that he manages to use the device for over three whole minutes and never once produces something that looks appetizing. That tuna “salad” looks atrocious and who wants a pickle as part of their ham and egg breakfast?

And don’t get me started on that cheese grater…it looks like a rejected part from the Play-Doh Fun Factory.

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  • Maids March 23, 2009  

    The “graty” is a terrible idea. Those kinds of cheese graters are such a pain to clean and you can’t do stuff like zesting with them….. I’d stick with the traditional grater even if I got a “graty” with my slapchop for free

  • ML March 23, 2009  

    This came out months ago on YouTube….I don’t think he has produced anything since. This might have been Vince’s death. I still can’t get enough of this guy even though his products suck.

    Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life.

  • gansie March 23, 2009  

    what gets me is his madonna microphone headset.

    i did, however, get a sham-wow for chanukah.

  • Lizzy March 23, 2009  

    I hate that guy!

  • Britannia March 24, 2009  

    What an annoying prick.

    Its useless- not even worth creating bite size portions.

  • Nick March 24, 2009  

    When this video came out I watched it like 10 times because I was amazed. A few comments.

    1) His “quick breakfast” seriously looks like vomit.

    2) I love how you have to chop everything up before it fits in the slam chop. If you watch it again, everything is pre-cut. Awesome.

    3) “Fettuccine. Linguine. Bikini. Martini.” I can’t say anything bad about that.

  • Chriss March 25, 2009  

    LMAO!!! this is the most wacked out commercial i have seen in a while. I saw it for the first time late at night a month or so ago, i was drunk and thought i misheard what he said. martini bikini hilarious!

  • EricW March 25, 2009  

    I’m pretty sure they ripped this guy off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfYijyWMAjo

  • DUFF March 25, 2009  

    Does anyone know if it actually works? Years ago, I actually bought one of the “other” choppers he mentions towards the end, and it suuuuuuucked. Impossible to clean like he mentions. As annoying as he is, nobody looks away from that commercial when it comes on. He’s strangely and disturbingly captivating.

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  • Adelle April 20, 2009  

    Actually I have one of these and I love it. Mine isn’t a slap-chop, though. It’s from Pampered Chef and I use it whenever I need finely chopped nuts (love em! hee hee) but I usually forget all about it for the other stuff he demonstrates here. I never even thought of it for a boiled egg or tuna fish and veggies. The more you chop, the finer the stuff becomes.

    The thing does come apart and open up “like a butterfly” hahahaha! so it’s easy to wash. And I think the commercial rocks! I laughed when he tossed the inferior one behind him right into the sink! ha! Two Thumbs Up! hahaha

  • Tentoes09 May 4, 2009  

    This guy (headset Vince) got arrested for beating up a hooker. I dont like it when people beat up hookers

  • Maids May 5, 2009  

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