Artsy Photo of the Day


Basket of food that I saw while in Brooklyn with BS this past weekend. Check out after the jump for a cool surprise I wasn’t expecting…


Food’s a little smaller up in NYC apparently!

(so, did this actually fool anyone? Or could you all tell that from the first image that it was a small plastic model?)

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  • gansie March 17, 2009  

    i think they knew that BS and I would never buy tomatoes this time of year, nor two heads of crappy iceberg lettuce.

  • Nick March 17, 2009  

    You got me… except I thought it was 3 cherry tomatoes and two brussel sprouts wrapped in plastic.

    Which was super-weird.

  • dad gansie March 18, 2009  

    got me

  • Yvo March 20, 2009  

    The Japanese writing and vast expanse of counter around it seemed a bit… out of place

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