The Hardest Morning of the Year

No, not the day after Chanukah. Not even New Year’s Day. The morning after a 21st birthday is a close second.

The hardest morning of the year is Daylight Savings Sunday.

Sure, summer is closer. But you also just lost 60 minutes of bliss. The marketing team at Caribou Coffee is taping in to the faux holiday. But I’m not one to argue with free drinks.

Here’s Caribou’s pitch:

Free Espresso for Daylight Savings Time!

We know one hour of sleep does make a difference and we want to help you get through the toughest mornings of the year. Visit Caribou Coffee this Sunday, March 8 and Monday, March 9 and receive a FREE espresso shot either solo or added to your favorite drink.Click here to find the store nearest you. FREE espresso shot!

Caribou Coffee, The Official Coffee of Daylight Savings Time™.

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