What Is Cream Cheese?

purple puree

gansie: i just cant get into my blog post
i didnt love the dinner
so im just not that juiced
it was good
but not that amazing
BS: whats it about
gansie: the dish was couscous with a onion-parsnipred wine puree with butternut squash and pine nuts
BS: this is something you made?
sounds good
: yea
i just dont like couscous very much
i think thats what it is
it was the israeli kind
kinda gummy?
but i was proud of the red wine insertion
i was just planning on caramelizing them but then i was like – fuck it – i have a bottle of red wine open, might as well use it
BS: yeah i love adding wine to shit
my question is always whether its wrong to open a bottle just for that
gansie: so it did make it this kinda cool/eerie light purple
hmm, i mean, you’ll drink it eventually, right?
BS: yeah
gansie: have you ever worked w/ parsnips before
BS: nah
gansie: to me – they were just so vegetale tasting
too earthy
after i pureed them w/ the red wine onions (salt/pepper) i added in some butter
but i dont think it was enough
i really wanted to puree in some cream cheese
but 80P gave me a – what the fuck NO face
so i didnt
BS:  you should have!
how could cream cheese go wrong
gansie:  i know
next time…

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  • TVFF March 4, 2009  

    Hold up…

    Israeli cous cous is supposed to be gummy? Because I totally thought I screwed it up when I tried to cook it. I was expecting a larger version of the fluffy stuff.

  • Alex March 4, 2009  

    I cook with parsnips sometimes, but I’m learning that they tend to take over the dish and they’re one of those things that you don’t want to have as leftovers because they’ll make everything else in the dish taste like them if you let it sit in the fridge. I think turnips are milder.

  • BS March 4, 2009  

    of course if you added some cream cheese they wouldn’t taste too parsnip-y now would they!
    WTF 80p?

  • Eick March 4, 2009  

    Yeah, not a fan of cous cous.

  • 80 Proof March 5, 2009  

    first off, I stand by my no cream cheese choice. I love me some cream cheese, but not with a red wine, onion puree. Come on people.

    Secondly, I don’t think Israeli cous cous is supposed to be gummy, I think we just cooked it incorrectly. It’s a pasta, so I think we overcooked it–isn’t that was happens when you overcook pasta?

  • BS March 5, 2009  

    oh I made no idea about Israeli couscous – it’s a pasta? not a grain?

  • Maids March 5, 2009  

    nope, “israeli couscous” is natually kinda gummy. I kinda object to it being called israeli couscous. sephardi jews who lived in israel for time immemorial never used the stuff, but instead used it’s berber cousin. It is a mizrahi invention (from iran or yemen originally I believe) made from wheat and very similar to orzo but round. You have to toast it first. that makes it a little firmer.

  • BS March 5, 2009  

    hmmm…so does it taste more like orzo or regular couscous?

  • gansie March 5, 2009  

    i think its more orzo then couscous, but with way more “bite” than orzo

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