Friday Fuck Ups: Calista Flockhart’s Chest

This lovely “pancake” of a cookie is from our fellow blogger Sarah Shirley of Bottomless Cookie Jar. Sarah totally fucked up a recipe for these buttery raisin cookies. Here’s some of her rant, which is absolutely hysterical:


Wow.  These cookies are worthy of Friday Fuck Ups…Do you see this pancake-like abomination that is trying to pass itself off as a cookie????  I should have seen this coming from a mile away; the original recipe calls for no leavening agents and virtually no creaming time to pump air into the batter.  Of course the end result will resemble Calista Flockhart’s chest!

The dedicated baker quickly rewrote the recipe and is now urging cookie fans to try her updated process. Please let us know if you have any luck creating a plump cookie, or if this cookie should go in the Friday Fuck Ups Hall of Fame. Of course we have no idea what *leavening agents* and *creaming* and *pump air* means in a recipe, as we don’t bake and surely don’t use recipes. We’re fuck ups, what can we say.

Buttery Raisin Cookies [Bottomless Cookie Jar]

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  • Oxen Cox February 27, 2009  

    Ha! Calista Flockhart would be so lucky to be packing that in the chest department. Funny nonetheless.

  • Andrew February 27, 2009  

    Is it like her chest because the cookies are flat or because they contain raisins!

  • Maids February 27, 2009  

    ugh… the raisins look like tumors

  • Sarah February 27, 2009  

    I am sooooo excited about this!! It’s honestly the coolest thing that has happened to me this year. I feel a little bit like a groupie that’s been following the band for years and then suddenly gets promoted to being a band aid. Thank you for promoting my terrible fuck-up.

  • gansie March 2, 2009  

    @sarah thanks again for sending in.
    and i nominate her love note for comment of the week! comparing ES to almost famous is def a way to get on our good side.

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