Dunkin’ Donuts Waffle Sandwich: Syrup on the Inside


I like me a good breakfast sandwich.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take a great sandwich any time of day.  I go to work in the city best known for cheesesteaks and roast pork sandwiches, so I probably wouldn’t get too far if I didn’t appreciate a well-constructed sub.

But I have a soft spot for the kinds you get for breakfast, especially those that effectively combine egg, cheese and pork (I’m not picky when it comes to what form the meat comes in).  And so, it’s only natural that I’ve come to rely on Dunkin’ Donuts for an on-the-go option for breakfast sandwiches.  You get to mix and match both the bread and the meat.  My only complaint is that I have been unsuccessful in my attempt to add scrapple as a meat option.  Some day, DD, some day…  I usually go with poppy bagel and either sausage or bacon.  In other words, I have my routine.

That’s not to say I’m not flexible, so when we heard that Dunkin’ Donuts was introducing a limited-time sandwich that features a maple-infused waffle surrounding the usual filling, I knew I was going to have to give it a try.

The folks at DD were nice enough to offer me a complimentary sandwich and coffee.  I picked one up with bacon and headed to the office.

If you’ve had the McGriddle from McDonald’s then you know the basic premise.  While the McGriddle features a syrup-laden griddle cake, the Dunkin’ sandwich goes for a thicker waffle bun, complete with the shape commonly seen on a Belgian waffle.  This difference, when executed correctly, elevates this sandwich over its predecessor, although the execution was a bit uneven.

First off, the taste.  If you’re familiar with the usual Dunkin’ Donuts sandwich fillings, you know what you’re getting.  The method they use to produce them (i.e. the microwave) provide a usually dependable (if not particularly inspiring) result, with the exception of an occasionally overcooked and browned egg patty.  With the sandwich I had, the filling was fine.

Breakfast connoisseurs have long known the wonderful serendipity of letting one’s maple syrup overflow the stack of pancakes and mingle with the meat, be it bacon or sausage.  So we know that the maple/pork combination is a winner.  With the sandwich, we get a fair amount of syrup without the flavor being overwhelming.  In fact, it works tremendously well when coupled with a crunch waffle.

Therein lies the only real problem with the sandwich — although it’s a moderately significant problem.  When starting out eating the edge of the sandwich, you get a nice, crunchy bite of waffle with the filling.  As I worked my way into the sandwich, though, I ended up with a center that had gone mushy.  Not only did the texture suffer, but the flavor seemed a bit muddled.

Unfortunately both my first- and second-hand experiences with the sandwich (Mrs. TVFF bought one of her own on the way to the ballet last week) encountered the same problem.  In both instances, we bought the sandwich and carried it with us to our destination (me to the office, her to the train station), so it could be that the mushy middle is exacerbated by the time it spent in the bag — at least ten minutes.  Perhaps the sandwich doesn’t travel well and should be eaten in the restaurant if possible.  Or it could be that these could have used an additional 30 seconds in the toaster.

Even with the texture issues, the Dunkin’ Donuts Waffle Sandwich provides a tasty sandwich that provides a nice step up over its fast food competition.  Plus, you know the coffee is going to be significantly better than the other guys.  So, if it sounds good to you, get there soon…the sandwich will only be available through March 17.

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  • Oxen Cox February 20, 2009  

    I am a huge fan of the McGriddle, so I am weary to stray. Regardless, my stomach has jealousy issues and a trip to try Dunkin’s version is in my future.

  • 80 Proof February 20, 2009  

    McGriddle’s are amazing. Haven’t had one in so long, though. I saw this at DD the other day and almost got one. Now I must…and eat it there of course.

  • Jessica February 20, 2009  

    When I saw the commercial for this, I thought “Well, that seems like overkill.” Which was quickly overtaken by a thought of “Overkill of awesomeness!”

    I wish there were more DDs in DC. If we could replace every other Starbucks with a DD, I’d be a happy camper.

  • Don M. February 21, 2009  

    Anytime you have syrup, eggs, and pork it’s sure to be a good morning. Now I just have to go find a DD here in San Diego.

  • Jeb February 22, 2009  

    I’m spoiled by my local Bojangles and don’t even bother eating McDonald’s, DD or any other breakfast sandwiches…

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  • J February 24, 2009  

    That looks so gross but then again, I hate breakfast sandwiches so I’m incredibly biased

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