The New Niche: Decaf Drinkers


Starbucks is taking some serious hits from its competitors for the recent decision to stop having decaf at-the-ready in the afternoon. Customers wanting their coffee fix sans caffeine will have to wait a few minutes for their drink to brew.

And the national chains are taking full advantage of the ‘Bucks weak spot.

Last month ES noted Caribou Coffee’s gimmick to lure in the decaf crew (free always works!) and now the DD is on it too. Dunkin Donuts is taking a crack at Starbucks with this new ad, see left.

But what I love most about this ad is the mention of 24 hour breakfast food availability. Dunkin Donuts isn’t the ES endorsed coffee chain for their cup-o-joe alone.

Many a hangover has been cured by their mysteriously delicious coffee (cream and sugar please!) and egg and cheese croissant sandwiches. Holy crap is that an award winning combo. Although I do have to mention a recent occurrence where DD failed me (and 80P.)

It was New Years Day and 80 and I needed some greasy grub. Fast and cheap. What better way to bring in 2009 than with the worst imaginable food for us? Anyway, we got there and they were out of croissants.

I took a step back, horror splashed across my face, and stared at 80. I was paralyzed. I had no idea what to do. I wanted to slap the girl at the register. Start this new year all over again.

But I regrouped and asked what bagels they had. After she said blueberry – as if that is a viable solution to not having a croissant – I panicked, ordered a cookies and cream shake from the Baskin Robbins side of the store and then went to The Heights for a surprisingly pleasant breakfast.

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  • BS February 16, 2009  

    I am usually all about making fun of Starbucks, but I think DD and the others are reaching for a fight here…the bottom line is sbucks is actually right this time–nobody wants freaking decaf coffee from a fast food style coffee place – it defeats the point

  • Maids February 16, 2009  

    noone really wants decaf coffee period. right? Freaks

  • Jeb February 16, 2009  

    Why drink decaf coffee? What a waste.

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