A Love Note


Dear Endless Simmer

When I have work to do on weekend days
And all my housemates are out to play

As I curl restless on my chair
Forced to sit and ponder there

Dreary subjects like starvation
Forced displacement and migration

Without ES blog posts, refreshing and new
To lighten my work load and get me through

My lonely computer weeps for thee
You’re my favorite cure to monotony

–Secret AdmirerĀ 


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  • BS February 13, 2009  

    awwww, thanks…I think I might have an idea who you are though, third pp bit of a giveaway

  • Jessican February 15, 2009  

    My sentiments exactly.

    As you requested, Gansie, so shall I blog. Thanks for dropping by my humble blog of no importance. I will post a review of my Tabard Inn experience tomorrow.

    I’m totally an Endless Simmer lurker groupie!

  • gansie February 16, 2009  

    @jessican – you have the best blog title ever. my brother and i were crying laughing. i love elementary spanish!

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