Eggs, Meet Winter Squash


Back in the summer I finally figured out a way to bring my egg obsession with me to work for lunch. I’d quickly mix eggs in a mini casserole dish, and then throw in whatever pre-cooked veggies and cheese I had on hand. Then bake.

But once zucchini and eggplant had vanished from the market, I thought I would have to hold out until the warmer months were once again upon us. Well, that was dumb.

Winter squashes work equally as well and bring a whole new flavor (thicker, creamier, deeper) to this quick egg dish.

Acorn Squash Frittata

Whisk two eggs in something small and oven-proof, mix in roasted acorn squash, queso fresco, herbs de provence, salt and pepper. Bake at 375 for maybe 20-30 minutes, totally depending on your oven. I’ve recently noticed that mine SUCKS. It’s probably better that I never write exact recipes, because I’m sure my oven-ness would be way different than yours. I’d under-cook this if you want to warm it up in the microwave at lunch the next day (otherwise you’ll have not so appetizing dried out eggs, maybe even Friday Fuck-Up dry eggs).

It will be hard to not eat this for dinner. So make something good.

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  • Nick February 12, 2009  

    I really enjoy this eggsession you have.

    This is an awesome idea for lunch. Gracias.

  • Oxen Cox February 12, 2009  

    I love acorn squash! I will defo try a variation of this dish once I am done juice fasting.

  • gansie February 12, 2009  

    lordy – how long does a juice fast last?

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