Picks of the Pics: Best of the ES Flickr Pool

Ya’ll have been busy adding pretty pics over at the Endless Simmer Flickr Pool. Time to look at a few of our favs:


Since we’re talking about weird egg dishes, thought I’d through in zucv’s photo of “pork bone soup squid ramem.” With an egg of course. Thoughts?

Bacon-wrapped steak, dreams of grilling, and goat cheese madness, after the jump…


I think this meal was designed specially for us. Steak, wrapped in bacon, served over pasta, with a cream sauce. Check out the recipe at Fotocuisine.


If you ask me, that’s a lot of goat cheese to eat for lunch. If you ask me twice, I’d like this now, please. Thanks for adding, Andrea.


Is it summer yet?  (Stefano A.)


Finally, Windy Cindy has some heart-shaped Valentine’s sweetness for us.

Thanks to all for adding your photos. Keep uploading your sweet, sweet shots to the ES Flickr Pool.

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  • KMango February 12, 2009  

    Boo hoo, none of mine made the cut. That’s OK, maybe next time! And YUM on the goat cheese.

  • Yvo March 4, 2009  

    Day 4 of no meat and that bacon wrapped steak makes me want to stab my screen. With a fork. Of course I’d probably get electrocuted but whatever.
    PS Love the can of Pam in the bg of the grill pic

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