Friday Fuck Ups: Not Learning From My Mistakes


Maybe recipes are useful.

Okay, so I have these beautiful Le Creuset ramekins and all I want to do is make baked eggs all of the time. But since I totally *fucked up* this first time, I was hesitant.

It was one of those nights where we just had odds and ends in the fridge. Nothing to make an elaborate meal. And there was no motivation to go to the store.

Anyway, this is a simple tale of not having oven instincts. 

I try to roast squash in bulk so that I’ll have some on hand to throw into whatever I’m making. This edition of leftover acorn squash included me smashing it with a fork, until creamy, with some harissa. I then pushed that on the bottom of the ramekin. Dropped an egg on top, sprinkled with salt and pepper and queso fresco. Put that in the oven for, well, WAY over the allotted time. I again freaked out at the 9 minute mark and kept it in again for 15 or so minutes. It just doesn’t look done at 9. The whites are still super runny. What am I supposed to do?!?!

Well, at least this time the top of the yolk was a bit runny, but the bottom 85% was hard. FUCK!

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  • T.Piper February 6, 2009  

    Obviously your problem can be blamed on not including bacon in the recipe.

    In all seriousness, if the whites still look a touch runny after the allotted time, I suggest switching from “bake” to “broil” for the last 2-3 minutes to hit the top with extra heat. (Not long enough to harden the yolks.) Or you could go a shorter time at higher heat, or longer at lower heat… Eggs are cheap. Experiment!

    And put some freakin BACON in there!

  • Oxen Cox February 6, 2009  

    I commend you for using acorn squash. I luv acorn squash. Everyone’s oven is different, so trial and error might be the most helpful.

  • Maids February 6, 2009  

    harissa…. on eggs. Interesting.

  • BS February 6, 2009  

    I fully support harissa on eggs

  • Maids February 6, 2009  

    hmm…a maybe on the harissa. Just sounds a little supect.
    In re cooking maybe if you sprinkled a little cheese on top of the egg. afterall, the fattiest parts should cook faster, and that might give the egg a bit of a nice cheesy crust.

  • gansie February 6, 2009  

    there is queso fresco sprinkled on top. its just not directly on the yolk, as i was afraid the weight of the cheese would break the yolk. and dude, im pretty sure harissa goes with everything.

  • wonders February 6, 2009  

    Try baking in a water bath…

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