Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week


Another week gone by already?! Here’s what everyone said while  T Piper and Maids were fighting…

– Gasie hit a nerve with her feminist critique of Super Bowl commercials:

Nick: Convinced me. Not that I have ever drank Pepsi… but definitely won’t start now. You are very right about super-bowl ads. It’s not even funny how bad the commercials are. There is also a large double standard on what commercials they allow during the SB. Sexy and Danica Patrick is okay. Sexy and vegetable-related is inappropriate. And when I saw the Doritos ad, I literally said, “This is going to end in a groin joke”. So predictable.

But Doug has a bone to pick: OK, maybe, just maybe, feminists should notice the routine anti-male sexual sadism in commercials and programming today. It was not very long ago that it was taboo to show men or women being sexually injured on TV. Now it is obligatory to have either commercials or programming show men being sexually injured as ‘humor’. I’m speaking of the Doritos ad, of course. I no longer watch the super bowl because of such obligatory ‘humor’. Indeed the last time that I watched the super bowl was the famous Janet Jackson breast-exposing affair (while everyone seemed to ignore that Budweiser showed an ad with a dog sinking its teeth into a mans genitals). Until feminists start taking notice of such sadistic, anti-male content on TV, it is hard for me to view them as advocates of HUMAN rights/dignity. Instead, I tend to view them as ONLY advocates for and ONLY caring about half the human race.

And Mariah Carey really sums it all up:

1. Go Nova (/go eagles!)!
2. I disagree with the Claire Huckstable reference – she really was the HBIC and Cliff knew it. Maybe Carol Brady?
3. Coke por vida.

– Even though most of you agree BonApp and Cook’s Ills are superior, no one really wants to see Gourmet say goodbye.

Dean: If Gourmet folds please pin a tracking device on Ruth Reichl. Her monthly one-page column often explores the psychological and emotional impact of food and justifies the price of the subscription.

Lisa (dinner party): It’s hard to imagine Gourmet folding, but I’m a bigger fan of Bon Appetit these days. Ever since their redesign last year, I’ve been hooked. And I just think their recipes are much more geared toward the average home cook, but not so dumbed down that you’re in Sandra Lee territory. Thanks for reminding me about Cigar Aficionado 4 Kids. I need to resubscribe.

Harmony offers up a neat phyllo idea:  Dessert phyllo – one small cube cream cheese, one or two teaspoons preserves of your choice , brushed with butter and sprinkled with sparkle sugar hot out of the oven.

And even gansie is climbing on board the p-train: I bet a roasted and then pureed winter squash would be really good. and you can mess around with the spices. im thinking herbs de provence would be a good addition.

(Photo of phyllo madness: 3liz4)

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