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Ya’ll were saucy this week, simmerites!

– TVFF really brought out the scallop-haters out there in webland.  Michael: I have to agree, but most especially with #5. Good sea scallops are good, but they have to be done just right, which happens about .00001% of the time. Also, I heard once that scallop meat is often faked, using skate or monkfish meat. Anybody know if thats true? Lemmonex: Here here! I will eat them but they are most certainly not a favorite. They are often just slimy.  Yvo: Why not just go with “They don’t taste good” or “They’re flavorless, which is why people say they’re the perfect “canvas upon which to paint your masterpiece”? :P Also – another great canvas to paint a masterpiece – fresh snow. I’m just sayin’.

–  Sushi is not happy about Britannia’s sneaky chocolate avocado pie: What’s the point of putting avocado in anything if you can’t taste it? That’s like having sex after getting an epidural.

– Reacting to the amazigness that is the hamburger bed, horrible-but-had-to-be-said pun of the week goes to Oxen Cox: Mmm… it makes me want to slide in between those buns. It looks quite comfy to be serious.

– And the Pittsburgh vs. Arizona Super Bowl Food-Off is bringing out quite the strong emotions. NASTY: Dude, seriously… have you ever TASTED that chili beer? That stuff was poured straight from the anus of the devil. Miles counters for the Cards: Cave Creek Chili Beer is a great way to find yourself drunk. It goes like this: (HOT Arizona day) 1) Mmmm, delicious cold beer! I’ll Have a swig of that! 2) Ahhhh! Cold and tasty! 3) WTF?!?! Why is my mouth on fire??? 4) Put something COLD in there! 5) Go to step 2. Repeat until drunk (20 minutes or so). GO CARDINALS!!!!

By the way, with more than 1,200 votes in, Pittsburgh is laying some serious whup-ass on ‘zona, leading with 72% of the vote. Jerry Sizzler, in what may be the comment of the year, explains why:

I got Pittsburgh winning this battle. Here’s my quarter by quarter take (football terms included).

1st: Offsetting penalties. The Primanti, in my experience, is a way overrated sandwich. All my Pittsburgh friends talked it up, and maybe the hype was too much to live up to, but it was a woeful amount of meat slathered in cole slaw and potatoes. The Kordell Stewart of sandwiches. On the other hand, the Arizona fare…the only thing keeping that from being a gyro is chilis instead of tzatziki. And Arizona is as in touch with Native Americans as they are with MLK Day. Personal foul. 0-0

2nd: Pittsburgh busts it open. Where their pizza goes simple and big like their ‘D’, Arizona goes all flea flicker and overwrought finesse. This is the Super Bowl, not a Wolfgang Puck garden luncheon for frick’s sake! Arizona’s pizza is Brian Bosworth and Pitt’s pizza just went Bo Jackson on it’s ass. 7-0 Pitt.

3rd: The teams trade touchdowns. Either of those dogs would fit right in at a tailgate party, and you’d probably draw in some new fans, too. 14-7 Pitt.

4th: Steelers tack on a field goal at the end. The Iron City, while truly one of the worst beers around, goes perfect with any of the foods Pittsburgh has to offer. But after eating chili upon chili, the first thing I want to do is put the fire out, not drink a bottle of more fire. 17-7 Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh gets it done on straightforward smashmouth style while Arizona’s fusion of styles and places (Kurt Warner and Edgerrin James, anyone?) ends up not keeping pace.

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  • gansie January 30, 2009  

    i’m really torn about the choc-avocado pie. in one way, i’m w/ Sushi – why waste an avocado that you can’t taste. but in another way, its a great way to sneak in creaminess and the *good fats* by using an avocado instead of heavy cream, for example.

  • Harmony January 31, 2009  

    I know of your love of eggs, and thought I’d share with you the most delicious dinner I had all week. Take some bread bowls, making sure they are mostly empty. Then prepare some sausage gravy, also called white gravy by some(recipe to follow). Pour into waiting bread bowls, then top with 2 fired eggs cooked to your preference. I like over easy, so the runny yolk mixed in wonderfully with the gravy!

    Sausage gravy –
    1 lb. ground sausage
    2 Tbs. flour
    3 C. milk

    Fry sausage(I like to add some onions and mushrooms to mine). When done, add the 2 Tbs flour and stir really well, cooking about 1 minute. Then add the milk and bring to a boil, boil about 1 – 2 minutes until it’s the thickness you like. Serve!
    Makes about 4 normal servings when poured over buttermilk biscuits, or fills 2 medium sized bread bowls.

  • gansie January 31, 2009  

    my boyfriend is going to love that you sent me a recipe incorporating sausage (and eggs!) thank you!

  • Very Very Good Girl February 1, 2009  

    YES! Having lived in the ‘burgh during grad school at Pitt I could not agree more that the primanti brother’s is way over-rated. I piled my first and last sandwich with the less than flavorful slaw & tasty franks red hot yet it was not enough. It’s matched by the ever so healthy pittsburgh salad – greens covered by fries.

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