Attack on Decaf

From the ES inbox. Bring on the coffee wars!


Free Decaf Coffee This Friday

Decaf drinkers deserve better!

You may have heard that Starbucks® is eliminating decaf coffee (ES added link) at-the-ready in the afternoons. We think that customers deserve the very best coffee, when, where and how they want it. So all Caribou Coffee locations will offer free 12-ounce cups of decaffeinated coffee from noon until closing this Friday, January 30.

We invite all decaf coffee drinkers to experience Caribou Coffee’s exceptional Natural Decaf™ coffee on the house. To learn more about our all-natural decaffeination process, click here.

See you Friday!

Now, I don’t usually buy coffee (either drink the syrup at work or bring in my own.  Dude – French presses are awesome, but I could use a secure coffee carrying case – any recommendations?)  And if I do buy coffee, it’s Dunkin Donuts. And if I do buy Dunkin Donuts coffee it is surely not going to be decaf.

I love the taste of coffee. I loved the taste of coffee ice cream before the adults in my life even let me try real coffee.  So I do understand the appeal of wanting the flavor of coffee, but not wanting the caffeine. But decaf??  If I need the coffee taste I’ll take a Kahlua and cream or Bailey’s on the rock.  Decaf—that’s some weird shit.

Anyway, for all you born-hyper people, Caribou Coffee is here to save you a few bucks this Friday afternoon.

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  • BS January 30, 2009  

    ha. the only time I ever want decaf is if I go out for a long dinner and want to finish it with coffee but don’t want to stay awake all night…but yeah, I don’t get why you would need decaf at a to-go place.

  • BS January 30, 2009  

    ps – do you think I could order a free decaf and then ask them to put a shot of caffeine in it?

  • Summer January 30, 2009  

    If I buy a coffee when I’m out, it’s because I NEED a coffee, and that means I need caffeine. I think I only drink decaf at dinner parties, and that’s only if the host has run out of wine.

  • TVFF January 31, 2009  

    gansie — The wife swears by the OXO travel mug (she has the LiquiSeal stainless). She puts it in her bag in the morning and it doesn’t leak or go cold on her. I bought one on her recommendation and will use it once I’m back on the coffee horse.

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