The First 10 Days: What Obama’s Eating

– We almost cried watching Obama’s first meal on Air Force One……when he said he liked his burger medium-well…who is this guy??? [Nat Geo]

– So, um, he’s a total liar. After making a bold bipartisan move to keep Bush’s White House Chef on staff, Barack and Michelle go ahead and bring their Chicago chef to DC to cook for them anyway. This apparently should please Alice Waters and all those demanding a foodie change in the White House. [Obama Foodorama]

– Speaking of Waters’ budding political activism, looks like our fav chef’lebrity, Anthony Bourdain, has settled on her as his newest enemy, telling her to leave the ‘bamas and the rest of us the fuck alone already:  I’ll tell you. Alice Waters annoys the living shit out of me. We’re all in the middle of a recession, like we’re all going to start buying expensive organic food and running to the green market. There’s something very Khmer Rouge about Alice Waters that has become unrealistic…. [DCist]

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  • JoeHoya January 29, 2009  

    Bourdain is already backing away from the Waters snark a bit in his most recent blog entry over at the Travel Channel. Too bad.

  • BS January 29, 2009  

    wish he would stand behind it. Was hoping for a new “Khmer Rouge Tofu” site

  • Terry Ferro January 31, 2009  

    Transparent non tax paying baked crow. Sooo delicious.

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