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Sorry, Sandra

– Forgiving ES readers are very ready to welcome Robert Irvine back to Dinner: Impossible. Digigirl: I think he deserves a chance. He’s been up front about how it happened and that yes, he did make some stuff up. And even though I do like Michael Symon, the show was more interesting when Irvine was on it. Besides, have you seen the guns on that guy? Where else can I find beefcake like that on food tv?

Tina G: It’s not like he was up for Secretary of the Treasury and didn’t pay his taxes. Resume padding aside, the guy had a good show. Who cares about his background unless he is an escaped convict? Welcome back, Chef Irvine.

– But Oxen Cox is on board the Toby Young hate train:  He is starting to suck it as bad as Padma. (Ed Note: Whaaaaa?!?) The more he yammers on, the less I have to hear her.

– And Jess is glad Andrew Cuomo’s better half won’t be headed to DC anytime soon: Sandra Lee seems to have a drinking problem and her disgraceful show only adds to the health problems of this country…processed food full of sugar, salt, trans fat, chemicals, etc. That’s cooking? I don’t get it. It’s shameful and Andrew Cuomo is a fool. (Ed Note: and totally not a Senator)

– Speaking of the Cheating Queen, MaddBobbs is a little madd about our cheating rules: Hold on, I am supposed to be making cream of mushroom soup from scratch? How do you cream a mushroom?

Good question. Who knows? We’re open to instructions.

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  • gansie January 26, 2009  

    re: cream of mushroom

    it just means that ES thinks one should use something other than the chemical-induced soup as a base/flavoring for casseroles and the such.

    i mean, why are people using cream of mushroom soup to cook? i’d love to know what the recipe is for.

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