Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 9


Another week, another chef’testant bites the dust. Our interview with the seventh runner up, after the jump…


It came down to two ES favorites this week: Quirky Carla and her disastrous desserts vs. spicy Radhika and her poor management skills.

In the end, it turns out it’s not all about the food and Radhika was sent packing.

What was with the whole I cook Indian/no I don’t/yes I do thing?
I just didn’t want to be represented as cooking only traditional Indian foods. Those are the flavors I use, it’s what I grew up with. I’m proud of my culture and wanted to express them, but I’m also American and wanted to do it in a more modern, global way.

It seems like it always sucks to win the Quickfire before Restaurant Wars because then you get blamed if your team loses.
Yeah, I guess that’s why Jamie said in the beginning that she didn’t want to win, because then if your team loses you get sent home. But I was chosen and had to take on that role and ultimately it’s up to me.

Should Carla have gone home instead?
No, I think I was the leader of the team and the judges were fair based on their opinions.  I didn’t want to go home, but no, I didn’t think anyone else deserved to.

Did everyone know about Leah and Hosea getting physical?
I don’t think any of us saw that happen. I knew they were friendly and were attracted to each other, but I wasn’t around when that happened. When it came down to the competition, none of that mattered.

Is Stefan really that horrible?
We didn’t get along during the show, but we’re buddies now, we talk. He’s just the complete opposite of me–arrogant and thinks he has nothing more to learn. I’m more humble and he just doesn’t have that quality at all. But we got over it. When you’re not competing, it’s easier to be friends.

Who are you rooting for?
Everyone. They’re all talented, great chefs. Even though it was between me and Carla last night,  she’s very talented and I think probably the best all-around person there. And Hosea’s great too.

If you had to pick one of them to make you a meal, who would it be?
I think Hosea. He’s got real talent. He knows really great flavors and makes simple, not complicated food.

(Photos: Bravo)

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