Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 8


Which chef’testant didn’t make it off the farm this week? Catch up with them after the jump…


Sorry, Jersey — it’s Ariane. She was up, she was down, and then she imploded, done in by some uncooperative string and even less cooperative lovebird teammates. We just had a l’il chat with Mrs. Mom and here’s the dirt.
[Note: It reads better if you can make yourself think in an intense Jersey accent]

You were pissed, huh?
Of course! I worked hard, I rose to the challenge, I relied on my teammates and I really felt I was a team player. And, you know, I just thought maybe Leah should have went.

Why Leah and not Hosea?
You know why I’m saying that, is probably because I saw the show. I went in there telling them what I knew. I said I could grill it, they said no. I said I could roast it, they said no. Then they decided on braising, and it was their idea to take it off the bone. I knew how to do the butchering, it was the tying thing I’m not so good at, and when Leah said “I can help you, I can help you,” I believed it.

Did she not help because she wanted you to lose?
You know, watching the show you did get that intention. I would think we’d want to win, that was the whole point. Maybe she thought she was doing a good job, I don’t know.

Do you still think Hosea is a wimp?
(Pause)…(cackle). Noooooooo. No! I think I apologized to him already (cackle). Or I need to.

Padma LOVES you. Toby Young, not so much. What’s his deal?
I was a little surprised by that. Maybe he’s just a little angry Englishman, I don’t know (cackle). But it was such a wonderful feeling to hear Padma jump to my defense, and that’s what I remember. What Toby said is forgotten.

Everyone was shocked when you went back to the stew room. Did they think Leah was gone too?
I don’t think anyone really knew. It was very up in the air. I think Hosea and Leah both knew they didn’t do enough, and I was very confident because I tasted my dish, I knew I did my thing, and I’d been on such a run, I probably won the most of anyone, so I think that’s why people were surprised.

Who are you rooting for now?
I’m rooting for Jamie, and I’m rooting for Carla. Those are my girls.

Are you happy with the way you were portrayed?
Absolutely. That’s me. I’m always true to myself, and what you saw, that’s who I am.

What’s next for you?
My husband and I have a restaurant and we’re very busy. We’re looking to expand. Maybe I’ll write a cookbook, I’ve been thinking about that. But you know, we have two girls, one’s 13, one’s 11, so they keep us pretty busy. You can find me, I’m in Jersey, in Montclair. We’ll be here for awhile.

Did your opinion of anyone change after seeing the show?
No. You know, I’m not like that. It’s all in the past and I consider everyone a friend. Like I said, Hosea’s not a wimp (cackle).

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  • Jonah January 16, 2009  

    Who is going to shill for the TC product placements now that Ariane is gone?

  • T. Piper January 16, 2009  

    Looking at the dinner menu from her restaurant, I’m wondering if Jamie was the inspiration for the lamb loin served with a “vadouvan carrot puree”…

  • Summer January 17, 2009  

    What I really wanted to know is if Ariane told the judges that she wanted to grill or roast the lamb leg, and if she didn’t, why not? That seemed to be the basic complaint, that the lamb should have been done in a simple preparation, which Ariane would have rocked. Why didn’t she let the judges know she was outvoted by her teammates?

  • Elizabeth @ Capital Spice January 17, 2009  

    Great interview. Ariane hasn’t been a favorite of mine this season but I don’t think it was her time to go. Her passive agressive team members threw her under the bus.

  • gansie January 21, 2009  

    i resent your interpretation of her beautiful Jersey laugh as a *cackle*

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