Friday Fuck Ups: Only Gansie Would Call This a Fuck Up

First though, who is going to see the new Biggie movie, NOTORIOUS! Ever since I was in the movie theater viewing previews before Will Smith’s terrible/weird/depressing/dark/not holiday-uplifting movie, and saw clips for NOTORIOUS my brother and I looked at each other and said, I know what I’ll be doing January 16th.  Unfortunately, my brother lives in Jersey and we haven’t yet coordinated travel plans.  As a back up, I’ve been trying to talk 80p into it, but he says if there is no *critical acclaim* for a movie in the commercials, then that’s a surefire sign it will SUCK. But, I’m such a Biggie fan.  He was the rapper of my youth.  I was way more upset when he died than Kurt Cobain.

[youtube sCa-ORiKaEw]

Me and My Bitch is a love song.

[youtube 6sS6M_0ITyA]

This is one of the only songs with “Stefanie” in it—my birth name—listen around the minute mark.

[youtube r9U99nMZ8CE]

And is there a better song to slow dance to?

Anyway, if there’s someone in the DC area who wants to take me on a NOTORIOUS date, I’m all over it.

Back to the Fuck Up…


It’s not really all that bad, but for me, it was devastating.  80P’s mom (sorry about the videos with all the cursing!) bought us beautiful LE CREUSET (my first Le Creuset!) ramekins.  The first use, of course, had to be with eggs.  And it was even more perfect because my old roommate, Hickey, was in town and came over for a quick breakfast before she drove back to PA <sad face.>

Well, it wasn’t that quick.  After we ate we gossiped while I trimmed my clippings.  That sounds weird.  I’ll explain, I tear out recipes from mags, and then stuff them in a folder.  And then 3 times a year I trim the clippings so that they’ll look nice for when I finally, really organize them.  Actually, I might need to do a full blog post about this going-on 4 year project.

Okay, the meal.  I buttered the ramekins, and then dropped an egg in.  I sprinkled salt and pepper on top and then covered with freshly grated parm.  The recipe (totally can’t remember what site I used, oops!) said to keep the eggs in there for 9 minutes.  Well, at nine minutes it didn’t look/feel finished at all.  In the mean time, I was: cooking sausage for Hicks, cooking bacon for 80p (I sprinkled the diced bacon on top of the egg with a few minutes left) and defrosting/toasting begals for them and then defrosting/toasting my African whole wheat bread. And btw, defrosting/toasting is time consuming when lacking the proper equipment: oven instead of microwave and broiler instead of toaster.

Back to the time line. We waited five more fatal minutes before removing the eggs.  When we took them off, the yolk was more or less fully cooked.  FUCK!  It was still tasty, but the whites were so set that you could take the whole egg out of the ramekin. And it was so solid that it looked like the Dunkin Donuts’ fake eggs.  Clearly, I was distracted by all of the other prep work, plus chatting with Hicks.  So I totally need to try this again and if anyone has a full proof method for runny, baked eggs – tell me!

Send ES your Fuck Ups…

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  • BS January 16, 2009  

    First of all, 80p, I can’t believe you’re using “lack of critical acclaim” as a reason not to see NOTORIOUS. I’m so excited. It was all filmed in my (now very un-gangsta) neighborhood…and I feel your pain gansie. Hardened yolks is one of the saddest thing that happens to me – I’m still waiting on my perfect fried egg lesson

  • 80 Proof January 16, 2009  

    now now now, I feel like a politician when I say that my words were taken completely out of context. Movies can be good when reviews hate them, of course. But when a movie preview comes out with no snippets of reviews flashing on the screen, even from local TV station movie reviewers saying things like “Wow! Keanu Stole My HEART”, I generally think the movie must be terrible.

    To my credit, or lack thereof, I did look up Notorious on Rotten Tomatoes and it’s seems to be getting some decent reviews, especially the main actor. (53% total)

  • Oxen Cox January 16, 2009  

    I am hoping to get some Le Crueset for Valentine’s… or today. I have a man who is slacking in the gift giving department.

    I haven’t seen anything about this movie! I’m pretty hungover, maybe I forgot about the movie when I was chugging vodka?

  • BS January 16, 2009  

    I like how ES has now become the official destination to place not-so-subtle hints about food gifts your loved ones should be buying you

  • Hickey 'Hicks' January 16, 2009  

    For being the first time the ramekins were used I was honored to be there and taste the eggs. What Gansie left out was that we were trying to time the eggs a little longer because 80p likes his yoke a little more cooked so that was another variable we were with…thanks 8op!!

    The taste of the eggs with the salt and pepper and grated fresh parm, my fav, were delicious. Just maybe next time a few minutes less cooking.

    As for the clippings…don’t even get me started!! That is a whole nother posting

  • Yvo January 16, 2009  

    I think maybe cuz you’re using the little enameled cast iron, they might retain heat a little more and keep cooking after you pull them out so that might need to be considered. Having said that, I’ve only once (out of 3 times I’ve done it) made a baked egg with a good runny yolk, so, if you find a good method, please holla.

    And TONS of movies don’t get critical acclaim and are awesome! However, with 80p’s follow up comment, ok, I get what you’re saying, like they couldn’t find ONE schmuck and even pay him $5 to say “I LOVED THIS MOVIE” – Biggie’s former neighbor’s baby mamma’s best friend’s cousin’s sister from another mister, right?

  • Maidelitala January 16, 2009  

    That’s a spot on idea BS…ES can help me secure an awesome gift from my bf, I’m sure of it! someone needs to hint to him that I would like a crockpot. Or big earrings and a bunch of granny smith apples.

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