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Ya’ll were chatty this week ESers! An eggstra long Feedback for ya…

Yvo is  catching the gansie fever: Gansie, you’re getting to me in a big way. I probably sound creepy. I can sometimes. But I fried an egg earlier this week to top some beef stew and had it for breakfast and it was fan-fucking-tastic. I thought “I need to take a picture of this” and I did (will be posting… soon). It was awesome. Creamy and just delicious. I justified it by saying that mixing eggs with beef & tomato sauce and some veggies – each individually isn’t that big of an innovation so why not with my beef stew!!! Thank you!

And Maidelitla is letting the world know (on BonApp’s site): Ummm…. This trend was pointed out by avant garde food blogger, Stefanie Gans way back in January of 2008 ! Way to call it Gansie!!!!

-We’re not sure if he’s referring to Sandra Lee’s boyfriend or her Kwanzaa cake, but Michael Birchenall is not happy: That is the most incredible god-awful thing I’ve ever seen … the nutritional listing would have to be a mile long and deadly at best … disgusting.

TVFF agrees with the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council’s firm anti-ketchup stance:  People who put ketchup on their hot dog are going straight to hell. I have absolutely no doubt about this. They are simply bad people.

But Nick suggests another option:

Are exceptions made for homemade ketchup? I don’t like the Heinz crap, but I’ve had some decent homemade stuff. There are a bunch of recipes out there that are delicious. The problem with store bought ketchup, in my opinion, is that it is WAY too sweet due to the HF corn syrup they pack into it. Homemade ketchup is vinegar based though. It’s very savory and can be packed full of additions like chipotle peppers. It doesn’t take long to make and can keep for awhile. It is totally different from the stuff in a squeeze tube.

– Most of you are not too excited about Toby Young on Top Chef, but we think T. Piper sums it up best:  Oh boy, a British food personality who likes to insult people! Never seen that one before! Seriously, bring back Gail and her luscious mommysacks.

Well said. Bring ’em!

(Photo of spicy homemade ketchup with hard-boiled egg: McAuliflower)

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  • gansie January 16, 2009  

    i would like to make a clarification, i do like hard yolks, when appropriate. for instance, egg salad or deviled eggs. the above picture looks quite delicious.

  • Yvo January 20, 2009  

    I about peed myself when I saw that picture. Drool, drool, drool, hello!!!
    Gansie, totally with you on that, only when appropriate but there are definitely moments. Deviled eggs are at the top of that list.

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