Sandra Lee to the Senate?


Amid all of the discussion regarding the impending presidential inauguration and the three-ring circus that is the Roland Burris “no-we’re-not-going-to-seat-him-OK-yes-we-are” saga, the vacant Senate seat representing the state of New York has faded a bit into the background. Plus, it was supposed to be a fait accompli that Governor Paterson was going to appoint Caroline Kennedy to the seat, so everyone assumed that was that.

But as time has gone on and Gov. P. keeps mum, people are starting to wonder. They’re also keeping an eye on the mood of the populous and asking the citizens of the state who they would like to see in the Senate. When the question was posed before Christmas, Kennedy held a slight lead over the field. But the most recent poll from Quinnipiac University shows that she’s no longer the preferred candidate among registered voters.

How is this story about food, you ask? Keep reading…

Since Kennedy is no longer the frontrunner, you’re probably wondering who has pulled into the lead. Well, according to the poll, that would be current New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who obviously comes from good political stock as well — his pops was the governor of New York for like a million years. Oh, there’s another interesting thing about Andrew Cuomo:

He’s currently dating Sandra Lee!

Yes, that Sandra Lee. The cheater-in-chief who somehow got her very own cooking show by teaching Americans insider tips along the lines of “fried ravioli is made by buying pre-made ravioli and frying it.”

Now we’ve expressed our reservations about another Kennedy in the Senate, but the image of Sandra Lee serving semi-homemade meals to visiting dignitaries and political heavy hitters has us thinking again. Seriously, watch her legendary Kwanzaa Cake “recipe” below and ask yourself if you can imagine John Kerry and Harry Reid chowing down on this in the Senate cloakroom.

(Photo: Steez)

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  • gansie January 15, 2009  

    i cant even fucking believe this gossip. how did i not know! and holy christ, this woman is terrible.

  • Michael Birchenall January 15, 2009  

    that is the most incredible god-awful thing I’ve ever seen … the nutritional listing would have to be a mile long and deadly at best … disgusting

  • gansie January 16, 2009  

    whoa, michael! i love your passion of hatred for this!

  • BS January 16, 2009  

    anyone else think Sandra Lee might actually be the same person as Cindy McCain?

  • BS January 16, 2009  

    OK, now I’m getting off topic, but this is an amazing rumor.

  • Oxen Cox January 16, 2009  

    my boyfriend has this ridiculous crush on her. (gross, i know) maybe now i can stop him from using the Food Network as porn.

  • Tina G January 16, 2009  

    Wow, that Kwanza cake looked like something I might have whipped up in my Easy Bake oven before the bulb burned out. And speaking of SL…I would have favored Andrew Cuomo for the Senate before I heard this news.

  • gansie January 16, 2009  

    re: cindy mccain on dancing w/ the stars, you might as well give her a fucking food network show

  • Mariah Carey January 18, 2009  

    HATERS TO THE LEFT! Sandra Lee is the bomb (tick, tick, tick….)!!!!

  • jess January 20, 2009  

    Sandra Lee seems to have a drinking problem and her disgraceful show only adds to the health problems of this country…processed food full of sugar, salt, trans fat, chemicals, etc. That’s cooking? I don’t get it. It’s shameful and Andrew Cuomo is a fool.

  • alexis-sunshine January 21, 2009  

    You should totally submit this to – they would love it. Check out the site for a laugh!

  • Jason March 27, 2009  

    Get over yourself. I never miss Semi Homemade, And I’m not watching for the recipes!!!! And the fact she makes cocktails just adds to the fantasy!! WE ALL LOVE HER!!

  • Rita April 21, 2009  

    I would suggest these people should check out Food TV bio of her life. Her mother abandoned the children . Sandra would collect soda bottles for the deposit to feed them until they finally had to move in with a grandmother. She has always cared for her younger siblings . I don’t watch her show but have tremendous respect for what she has accomplished on her own!

  • jjk June 17, 2009  

    Did you ever look at her boobs? They are amazing…

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