Do I Get Some Credit for this Shit, Or What?


I love New Year round-ups as much as the next sappy SOB, but what I don’t like – stealers. We all know that I’m totally bat shit crazy about eggs. I’ll save you from clicking on a million links, so just start here. You will see that I have been throwing a fried egg over just about anything that comes out of my kitchen.

We have that clear, right? Now check out this *revelation*from Bon Appetit. They claim that 2009 is the year to top everything with an egg. Well, you know what MSM, ES claimed this shit first.

Back off.

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  • Very Very Good Girl January 14, 2009  

    I know who the real deal is. With all your loyal ES reaters perhaps some comments need to be posted on BA’s article setting the record straight! Do you just do food trends – or do you know what color is the ‘new’ black this year as I update my closet??

  • Michael January 14, 2009  

    yeah you tell ’em gansie!

  • Jeb January 14, 2009  

    Gansie, I put a fried egg on my hamburger yesterday. Really good and messy.

  • Maidelitala January 14, 2009  

    I actually heard that on NPR’s the Splendid Table the other day and I wanted to call you right away and tell you…. but I thought better of it. Thought it would be tantamount to enabling, nay, encouraging your addiction. Sigh.

  • BS January 14, 2009  

    jeb – i love the fried egg-hamburger. awesome.
    gansie – can we get a lesson from the master? I’m a lil embarrassed to admit I’m just not that great at cooking fried eggs…I never know when they’re done enough but not hard..what do you do? sunny side up? Seriously, I need an idiot-proof guide

  • gansie January 14, 2009  

    @maid – thanks for showing the love on BA’s site:

    @BS – sounds like an assignment. im on it.

  • gansie January 14, 2009  

    oh, and @jeb – fucking love the combo of bloody burgers and yolky eggs! (and then dipping the fries in the yolk that squirts out)

  • Yvo January 14, 2009  

    Gansie, you’re getting to me in a big way. I probably sound creepy. I can sometimes. But I fried an egg earlier this week to top some beef stew and had it for breakfast and it was fan-fucking-tastic. I thought “I need to take a picture of this” and I did (will be posting… soon). It was awesome. Creamy and just delicious. I justified it by saying that mixing eggs with beef & tomato sauce and some veggies – each individually isn’t that big of an innovation so why not with my beef stew!!! Thank you!

  • Yvo January 14, 2009  

    @bs – I’m a sunny side up girl, but I found out the trick to making sure the white is cooked through and the yolk still runny. So when your egg is looking pretty sweet, you drop a tablespoon or two of water into the hot pan, cover it and count to 15-30 seconds… done! The best part of this trick is that I learned it from a video game (Cookin’ Mama for DS) lol.

  • cathygaul January 18, 2009  

    I got your back, Ms. Gans. Bon Appetit is NOT an egg on everything oracle-you are. And PS: Message received from GG about walking on Brace Road. It was unavoidable that day and never ever happened again. I promise. Although I can at times be quite reckless. In a good way.

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