Green is the New Black

eagles shots

So this is getting almost embarrassing, but this past week I have written posts either drunk or about how I was drunk while cooking.  I guess 2009 is off to a successful start.  Right now, however, I’ve hit a new low (or high.)  I’m a bit drunk and a bit hung over.  I spent the better part of Sunday at a bar WATCHING THE EAGLES WIN ANOTHER PLAYOFF GAME!

This entails Miller Lite pitchers, wings, fries, perogies (the bar we were at, Pour House, is actually a Steelers bar), soft pretzels, mozzarella sticks and GREEN SHOTS.  After we sent little boy Eli Manning home, Birds fan (ES fan!) and our bartender, Sarah, hooked it up with beautiful green shots.

Eli Manning Can Suck It Shot (ask for it by name)

–Melon Liquor
(And then one more ingredient I totally can’t remember, even though I asked her 8 times while she was making it. Hopefully I’ll have an update soon.)
–Sour Mix (see comments)


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  • Sarah D. January 12, 2009  

    It was just a squirt of sour mix, silly. Let’s go Birds!!!

  • JoeHoya January 12, 2009  

    Looks like an alcoholic Ecto-Cooler.

    Love the name.

  • belmontmedina January 12, 2009  

    I fucking hate the Eagles and will now be forced to root for the Steelers/Ravens in the Superbowl.

  • Yvo January 12, 2009  

    I may have to boycott ES until the Super Bowl is over. I’m sure you understand because it would probably be the other way around if the Giants had won. We can still be friends because I normally can’t give a shit about football, but you see, the Phillies also won the World Series this year and JUST ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE GODDAMN PA TEAMS WINNING SHIT because this Mets fan really, really needs a team to root for, you see? You understand?

  • BS January 12, 2009  

    I’m with you Yvo…Philly fans were adorably scrappy for awhile there, but they are one title away from being the new Yankee fans, the new Boston fans, what have you…but I’ll still try an EMCSI shot, sara.

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