Burning Questions: What to Eat When the Zombies Come


Here at ES, we try to answer all your important food related questions, like why you can never match a tupperware to its lid, and what Padma Lakshmi was wearing yesterday. But while we’re off being frivolous, some people are actually focused on the big picture.

So I for one really appreciate Asylum’s recent article Apocalypse Chow: Cooking in the End Times, which offers some very helpful hints for what to eat when the zombies come. Am I the only one whose favorite scene in 28 Days Later was when they broke into the supermarket and got to eat as much chocolate as they wanted? And did anyone else cry during I am Legend when they finally got to eat bacon?

Seriously though, read this article! You’re gonna thank me when the end times come and everyone else is eating spam. Here are my  fav hints:

– Spending a few days looting the houses and flats of your former neighbours could yield valuable stocks of spices which may not be available for some time. If you’re living through the apocalypse, your food is likely to be hella boring for a while. That’s unless you can scrabble together a collection of spices. Who knows how long it’s going to be before people start growing or importing chili again? It could take years.

– Everyone’s going to be going for the tins of beef, baby food and dried milk. But if you want an edge, make sure to grab some vinegar or lye, which you’ll be able to use to preserve your fresh goods and make them last much longer.

– You will be able to ration your fuel best if you cook a lot of food and preserve. A good dish for this purpose is Korean kimchee, a way of pungently preserving vegetables, that will allow you to inject lots of flavour into your staple rice and grain with very little effort. Sauerkraut – basically cabbage mixed with salt that has been left to rot a little – will also do the job.

Read the rest at Asylum.

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