We Knew It! Obama is a Foodie

While Barack Obama spent the last two years painstakingly convincing Americans that he is a red-meat-eating, corn-dog-loving American, we knew all along that he had to be a red-wine-drinking, arugula-loving food elitist.

And now that all those people in Indiana have gone ahead and voted for him anyway, can you guess what shows up out of nowhere? A tape of BHO’s secret past as none other than a food critic! It just happened to be lost somewhere until after the election, perhaps hidden along with his drug stash and Indonesian citizenship. Obama’s appearance as a food critic, taped way back in 2001, unfortunately got canceled before it even hit the air, because he was too smart or something.

Well this isn’t Thailand, Barry, and you can’t get fired from the presidency for being too much of a foodie. So now that you’re in DC, we hope you’ll have time to return to your first love, and feel free to send any restaurant reviews our way.

Part 2 of the video after the j.

Via: Chicago Tribune

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