So I Guess I Haven’t Drunk Blogged in a While


I’m just gonna be honest.  My lovely boyfriend, 80 Proof, just made me a dirty martini (2 olives) and fine, I totally chugged it.  And now I’m going to have another.  He’s sipping on this supreme bourbon, Pappy Van Winkle, that I bought from Burnie at Chat’s Liquors.

And we’re watching Flight of the Conchords which is a super fucking funny show.  I mean, music videos in the middle of a sitcom – YES!  I mean, check out the lyrics to this song that may or may not be called “Boom” (2nd episode) — She’s so hot / she’s like curry. Marc (Maid’s bf) played an episode for me after the EAGLES totally kicked the ass of his Vikings.  EAGLES. PLAYOFFS. KICK. FUCKING. ASS.

Okay, so remember yesterday when I posted a dip recipe.  Well, for that very same party, which was a gathering of 80’s frat brothers, I made another dip (and a whole lot of other shit – I mean, an out of control amount of food.  And even though we were blazingly drunk, I think we snapped photos of every dish.) Anyway, this dip came together a lot easier than that bastard raw onion/roasted veggie dip.

Oh, and I got an iPod from SAG.  I used to have one.  But then it died.  Wait for it.  There’s food involved.  Pizza Hut sent me this promo for free songs.  Here, take a look.

Anyway, thank christ that I took notes while making this dip, otherwise, um, this post would be screwed.  And if you’re wondering why I’m drinking on a Monday night – it was my first day back at my other job since Dec 23.   I needed an effing stiff drink.


Here are the rough notes:

Sesame White Bean Dip

mash 3/4 of cannelili, reserve rest
mash w/ a bit of olive oil (or seasme oil)
add in 1/2 lemon juice
toast sesame seeds – add in to dip
add in lemon zest
salt, pepper
garlic powder (bs link)
seasme oil
gently combine whole beans and rice noodles (rice noodles provide an awesome cruch, plus a salty flavor)
when ready to serve – set some rice noodles on bottom, then spoon on dip, top with noodles, seasme seeds and lemon zest

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  • Very Very Good Girl January 6, 2009  

    Jeb sat through one episode of flight of the conchords and decided it was too wierd. I thought it was hilarious! We watched the one that has a robot video in the middle & a great song about crying.

    PS 80 proof teach Jeb how to make a dirty martini!

  • Maidelitala January 6, 2009  

    love it. LOVE IT! I thought you’d put the rice noodles on oatmeal when I first saw it. Now I get it though. Looks yummy
    I love beans…….mmmm…..

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