Actually, listen softly.  I haven’t cleared this with BS yet.  But, so, um, I’m on vacation from my official full time job, and um, I just can’t promise to deliver you those first class posts we normally publish on the web.  I’m sure BS will still supply you with snarky, foodie fun. But, me, I might suck for the week.  But you know what.  Get over it.  It’s the holidays.  Even bloggers deserve a break.

Above, fresh tofu from this kickass Asian supermarket I went to with DAD GANSIE over my Jersey winter break.  Look out for more references to my trip there.  I had no idea there was such thing as fresh tofu?  And while we’re at it – can you keep one more secret?  I wanted the tofu to be mozzarella.

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  • Yvo December 30, 2008  

    We ALL want it to be mozzarella…
    fresh tofu is a thing of wonder. I’m not that interested in tofu in general (though that’s sort of changing) but fresh tofu? dude. I had dinner prepared by Morimoto himself (back in the lusher days of my wallet) and he made tofu tableside. who knew a thing could even exist??? it was soft, and almost sweet (without sugar) and just… decadent. supposedly it’s super easy to make, but I’m just not inclined.
    Yarrr… block of fresh mozz are more up my alley 😉

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